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Stash your padel gear in a padel bag designed for the job. Our collection of padel bags includes backpacks, holdalls and racket bags from leading racket sport brands. With stylish designs, durable construction and great deals to choose from, these padel bags also make great gifts.
    22 products
    Do you need a bag for padel?
    You don't need to have a racket bag but it will protect you padel racket between matches. Our padel bags have room for balls, clothing and accessories too, so if you buy one, you can organise all your padel kit ready for your next game. 

    What types of padel bags are there?
    There are plenty of bags aimed specifically at padel players. They feature compartments designed specifically to fit padel rackets. You can choose a bag for just one racket or one which will fit several if you are a more serious player. Many padel bags also have pockets for other kit and accessories. Padel racket bags come in various different sizes from large to more compact. A backpack might suit you better if you are only carrying a small amount of kit or travel to the courts on foot or by bike. A larger holdall usually will provide more space and flexibility especially if you have a lot of padel equipment!

    What factors should consider when buying a padel bag?
    The key question is probably how many rackets you want to carry to the courts. Some padel bags have space for one racket - ideal for the beginner or recreational player. Or advanced padel players can buy a bag to hold up to nine rackets! Consider what kit you need to carry. Space for shoes could be useful if you're not travelling to the courts in your padel shoes. Look for a ventilated shoe compartment to keep your padel shoes fresh and separate from your rackets. If you're brand conscious think about the logo and colours you prefer. Make sure your chosen bag is ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable to carry.

    Which brands make bags for padel tennis?
    Many leading racket sports brands make padel bags, and there are some specialist padel racket brands available too. BullPadel, Adidas, Babolat, Nox and Royal Padel are some of our topselling brands offering high performance, well-designed padel bags.

    Can you use a tennis or squash bag for padel?
    You can use any sports bag for padel however in a bag designed for tennis or squash equipment, the racket compartments may be too large to prevent your padel racket from moving around. 

    How does a cheap padel bag differ from an expensive one?
    The cost of a padel bag may depend on the quality of materials, durability, the number of features/compartments and the brand. If you're a serious player you might want to choose a bag which is more premium, which could increase the price. A bag designed to hold several rackets will likely cost more than a bag for just one racket. Make sure that your bag has strong handles enough cushioning to protect your padel racket.
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