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Find the leading brand padel shoes here! Specialist padel shoes give players an edge on the court because they're custom designed for the demands of the modern padel game. Choose from our hand-picked selection of supportive, comfortable and technically advanced padel shoes.
    28 products
    Why do you need padel shoes?
    Padel is a fast-moving sport, so good traction and movement around the court are key!. You’ll need supportive shoes that are flexible enough for rapid movement and changes of direction. For beginners and casual players, tennis shoes or non-marking trainers may suffice but if you're getting addicted to padel, you'll need to look for shoes that will match your level of play. 

    What is special about padel shoes?
    Shoes designed specifically for padel should provide excellent cushioning and should be flexible you to move quickly around the courts. Lightweight shoes will support agile movements and excellent grip and energy return will help you to change direction and move efficiently to attack your next shot! 

    How to choose the right padel shoes
    Ideally, select a pair of shoes which have been specifically designed for padel. Many tennis shoes offer similar features, so may be used, if you can't find a padel shoe you like, or if you want to use your shoes for both sports when you first start out. All brands of padel shoes we stock provide good grip, support, cushioning and flexibility. Comfort is also key!

    How much will a pair of padel shoes cost?
    Padel shoes are a similar in price to tennis or squash shoes, starting at around £80. If you're looking for a budget option, you could wear a pair of basic but well-constructed tennis shoes. We stock tennis shoes which are suitable for padel with styles from under £40 to over £125, so you’ll be able to find something to suit your budget. 

    How do padel shoes differ from tennis shoes?
    Padel shoes are specifically designed for the demands of padel. Padel is a fast-paced game with lots of quick movements and directional changes in a smaller court area, so padel shoe design focuses on grip, stability and a flexible forefoot area. A lightweight shoe is ideal padel! 

    Can I play padel in my tennis shoes?
    Many tennis shoes are also suitable for playing padel in. If you want more choice, or you want to play both tennis and padel, consider our range of tennis shoes as well as specialist padel footwear.
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