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The latest padel rackets for all abilities and budgets. We stock the best big name racket sports brands and specialist padel brands with exclusive deals on diamond, round and teardrop racket shapes. See what's in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, with fast delivery to the UK and competitively priced worldwide shipping.
    132 products
    How do you choose the right padel racket?
    When choosing a padel racket,  you should consider these key factors:
    - Experience level
    - Budget constraints
    - Style of play
    - Favourite brand
    These are all important points. Beginners might prefer an entry-level price point racket with a larger head and good stability. If you're already using topspin and playing a more attacking game, you will need to look for rackets to match your style and level! Some players prefer a heavier racket for power and stability, others prefer a lightweight racket that's easier to use and offers more manoeuvrability. You may have a favourite racket sports brand or decide to opt for a padel-specific brand such as Nox or BullPadel. If you're not sure, the racket sports experts at pdhpadel.com will be delighted to help - we've tested and recommended our top padel rackets and you can also view our padel racket test videos on our YouTube channel for further guidance. 

    What is the key difference between padel rackets?
    Padel rackets are designed for players from beginners through to advanced/professional level. They all have different features and technologies. A lighter racket may be easier to use. A heavier padel racket can help you to generate more power and offer stability. Round, teardrop or diamond shaped rackets suit different players. Some rackets are designed for spin or reduced vibrations. Read our latest product reviews to find the best one for you, or ask the padel experts at pdhpadel.com for recommendations - we've personally tested lots of padel rackets and we love to hear from you online or via our social media channels

    Do padel rackets have different grip sizes?
    All padel rackets feature a standard sized handle grip. You can use overgrips to cushion the handle further or make the grip size bigger if this is what you prefer, especially if you have larger hands. Overgrips also help wick away sweat, to keep your grip firm throughout your padel matches. 

    Why do padel rackets have holes?
    Padel rackets differ from squash, tennis or badminton rackets, because they have a solid impact surface rather than strings. Therefore to help keep the rackets aerodynamic make the rackets lighter, the surface is punched with holes. 

    What shape should a padel racket for beginners have?
    There are all kind of padel rackets on the market to suit every level and style of play. For beginners, a large round head is usually recommended. More advanced players generally prefer a more diamond-shaped head which will offer more precision. 

    Which padel racket is suitable for children or juniors?
    Junior rackets are available which are slightly shorter and lighter than adult rackets to take account of junior players' size and strength. You'll find a range of junior rackets here on our website. Adult padel rackets are all shorter and easier to handle than tennis rackets, so many older juniors will still opt for full size ‘adult’ rackets.

    What are padel rackets made of?
    Most padel bats have faces made of fibreglass or carbon fibre (the latter is more expensive). Manufacturers have developed different features on the racket face - a rough or slightly raised surface can change the amount of spin a player can generate, for example. The racket heads have a thick filling or core constructed of rubber (heavier) or foam (lighter).
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