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Pick up your padel balls here at great prices and in a range of pack sizes, from three padel balls to a dozen. Choose from a range of trusted racket sports brands. Our padel balls are suitable for match play and padel training sessions.
    How long do padel balls last?
    This depends how often you're playing and, if outside, what the weather conditions are like. Padel balls will last longer in dry conditions than in the wet. On the World Padel Tour, balls are changed after the first nine games and then after every seven. But in recreational and amateur play, your padel balls should last for several matches. 

    What is a padel ball made of?
    Padel balls are constructed from compressed rubber which has been shaped into a sphere. A felt coating is then glued on and the balls are filled with air to the correct pressure and sealed to maintain it. 

    What's the difference between a padel ball and a pickleball?
    There's a big difference between a padel ball and the balls used for pickleball. Padel balls look similar to tennis balls but are slightly smaller. Pickleball balls are made from hard, moulded plastic with holes all over and a hollow inside. Balls for outdoor pickleball play are slightly larger and heavier than indoor balls. 

    What size is a padel ball?
    A padel ball is between 6.35 and 6.77 cm diameter. Padel balls are therefore also slightly smaller than tennis balls. 

    What type of ball is used for padel?
    Padel players use balls that looks and feel quite similar to tennis balls. They are bouncy, usually bright yellow and made of rubber and felt. They are usually sold in tubes of three. 

    What is the difference between a padel ball and a tennis ball?
    Padel balls are slightly smaller and slightly less pressurised than tennis balls, so they don't bounce quite as much. They look very similar with a felted outer and seams, often with a stamped logo.
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